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Job Opportunities in Cyprus

How to find a job in Cyprus for Russian speaking In Cyprus, there are a lot of job opportunities for everyone; even a job for Russian speaking person. Much as there had been some harsh economic times a few years back, the country managed to dust itself up. There has been a tremendous improvement. And […]

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The Top 10 Cyprus Beaches

Best Beaches in Cyprus Worth Visiting Being the third largest Island in the Mediterranean sea, there is a huge variety of best beaches in Cyprus you can visit. These beaches have been ranked highly in Europe over the years. These beaches cater for a variety of individual tastes… Be it the adventurous kind, the hip, […]

Top things to do in Larnaca

Being in Cyprus and not visiting Larnaca is something you should not even think of. There are so many things to do in Larnaca and so many places to visit that one or two days will not be sufficient to visit Larnaca. Cyprus in itself is a beautiful country and Larnaca adds to its beauty […]