Nightlife in Ayia Napa

Nightlife in Ayia Napa – Where to Go and What to See!

Ayia Napa Cyprus – A holiday resort of a lifetime

If you are looking for the life of party hotspots, Aiya Napa Cyprus is it. This resort has a worldwide reputation for being the party paradise summer destination for nightlife in Europe. And by nightlife, I mean all night self-indulging pleasure.

So what breathes life to this resort?

First off, let’s start with the fourteen blue flag beaches you can find here. While here, you can enjoy these sandy beaches. And what makes it exciting is the fact that all these beaches have varied distinct features. You can laze around on the sand, take part in water sports, families are catered for too. But the kicker is the nightlife. Now if you have the energy for it or you feel you are young at heart, then Ayia Napa Cyprus will offer all this for you.

Ayia Napa bars and clubsHow is the nightlife?

Ayia Napa has the reputation of pulling crowds of young, energetic people. It is known for its many bars, clubs, and parties. There are more than 80 bars to choose from.

Now, since one might be spoilt for choice, there is an app called “Ayia Napa Life” which you can download on your smartphone to serve as a guide and let you know where the party at. The app is very useful as it also has numbers for services like medical, taxi cabs or cars you can rent in Larnaca.

The app also lets you in on special offers and deals which can help one budget better and save on some bucks.

Where to Visit

Party Life in Aiya Napa

If you want to enjoy these bars, then go at around 11 pm. That’s when the life of the party kicks in. The music played in these clubs is hip and varied. But if you want to enjoy happy hour, then look for bars that offer these as happy hour is usually before 11 p.m. So if you want to save on drinks, then go earlier.

Now you can also choose to go to the beach parties which will guarantee you lots of non-stop, mad fun. Be sure to party and dance until morning. All you need to do is use the app and know where it’s happening and where your kind of music is being played.

party life of Ayia NapaThe best time to visit Ayia Napa Cyprus is the period from June to late August. This is the busiest time where if party life is for you, then you will dance till you drop. Most clubs and discos organize events where international DJs usually come to spin the wheels of music.

These events attract tourists and musicians from different parts of the world. Don’t forget to pack your flimsy beach clothes.

The party starts as early at noon where young people pour in numbers at the beaches, especially the Nissi beach. They dance, laze around and have fun.

Some of the clubs and bars to try are Blue Moon Bar, Club Ice, River Reggae, Fantasy Boat Party, Club Aqua to name just but a few.

If you are in Europe, don’t miss out on all the fun that Ayia Napa Cyprus has to offer!