hello in greek

Saying Hello In Greek And Other Important Language Lessons

Traveling has always been a great experience for me, but some time you feel the requirement of being able to connect with the local population. Communication is an excellent way to better understanding of the place, especially when we are traveling to a place which has a different language and different culture.

So you have booked a ticket to Greece, it’s really important to understand a few basic Greek terms that are going to help you on your whole trip. One of the most difficult parts of the Greek language is its alphabets; they are totally different than English and any new person struggles allot to read anything. You will always be required to know a few basic terms to coordinate with the local population.

Let’s start with the basic terms.

Hello in greek: HAH-soo

it’s just a formal way to say Hii,

Nice to meet you: HA-ree-ka po-LEE

It’s always a nice gesture to say “nice to meet you” everytime you meet a new person.

Good morning: kah-lee-MER-ah

Good afternoon/evening: kah-lee-SPER-ah

Greeting someone essential etiquette that everyone should possess. Saying good morning and good evening is a great way to start a communication.

hello in greek

Thank you: eff-kha-ri-STOE

You will be required to repeat this word many times in a day, being polite doesn’t cost any money but it will surely help you in getting help from the locals.

My name is… : may LEH-neh…

What is your name: pos-oh LEH-neh

Goodbye: YAH-soo

Now these are some of the most common phrases that you are surely going to use in your whole trip, combine different words to form a sentence like

Hello, My name is … what is your name:  HAH-soo may LEH-neh… pos-oh LEH-neh

Nice to meet you, Good bye. : HA-ree-ka po-LEE  YAH-soo

Many people are arrogant enough to use only their native language, but as a traveler, if you want to understand the culture and want to have a joyful vacation you must marinate yourself in some of the cultural values before you visit the place. I advise you to read about the basics of greek culture and etiquettes before you make your first visit to one of the most beautiful places in the world.