long term rentals in larnaca

The best areas for long term rentals in larnaca

No Doubt, Cyprus is Europe’s favorite holiday destination and it facilitates many luxury hotels and resorts that can make your experience better. But what if you need to stay long-term in Cyprus? What if you are required to shift to Cyprus because of the job?

Larnaca is definitely the first choice of people looking for a long-term stay in this Island country. Its a affordable city with a quite environment. You will be getting more relaxed time and it is just 30-minute drive away from the Nicosia.

Lets talk about best places to stay at Larnaca:


Aradippou name came from the mythical king Aradippos, who used to live in this village. It is better known as a municipality of Cyprus in Larnaca district. It has a population about 20 thousand people and the protector of the municipality is Saint Lucas. Traditional residents are farmers, small retailers, and landowners. It is also an archaeological site featuring the remains of Kition temples, tombs, homes, & a necropolis.


Oroklini is located in the north west of Larnaka at the distance of eight kilometers.  This village is located on the hilly area with the average rainfall of about 340cm. In 1900 its population was estimated to be around 200 people which grew to 6,134 in 2011.

There are several deserted chapels in the area next to the mountainside. This village is well known for its mine exploration, you will see many quarries of stone, asbestos, gypsum, copper, and gold.

long term rentals in larnaca

Oroklini also has a Bird Protection Ares which is protected for the conservation of rare birds species. Oroklini lake is designated as a Special Protection Area (SPA) to bring the lake to ″favourable conservation status″. Black-winged stilt and the spur-winged lapwing were the main target species along with fifty-eight bird varieties. The shallow salt lakes are also home to numerous flamingos.


Pyla is among the oldest villages in Cyprus, it is one of only four villages located within the United Nations Buffer Zone.

Pyla is located in the eastern part of the island, next to the British Sovereign Base Area of Dhekelia. From a legal point of view, it is controlled as all other areas managed by the authority of the Republic of Cyprus.