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The top 5 attractions for visitors to Nicosia

While in Cyprus, you can enjoy lots of Nicosia attractions. Nicosia is the capital city of Cyprus. Here there are many places you can visit that are worth seeing.

Pivo Microbrewery

If you fancy freshly brewed beer to go with your meal, then Pivo microbrewery is a must visit. You will find it right at the heart of Nicosia’s old town. It is housed in a traditional house built in 1910.

While here, you get to see how your beer is being brewed. Plus, you will have an opportunity to ask the brewers questions as you sip down your drink.

Cyprus Museum of Nicosia


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This is known to be the best museum on the Island. It is home to a great and rare collection of Antiquities of Cyprus. And this is what makes it the best. Much as it might not have modern facilities, its collection of antiques is worth your time while checking out Nicosia attractions. And if you are an archaeological person, you will be impressed by how old the pieces are. They go way back to the 8th millennium B.C. Impressive, right?

Taverna Siantris

If you are looking for a great modern restaurant, then the Taverna is the place to be. This restaurant prides itself on serving the very best home cooked traditional and authentic dishes. The restaurant has been around since 1969. And it attracts so many people wishing to sample Cyprus’ traditional meals served in typical Cypriot homes.


Dafermou Winery Nicosia attractions.

The Dafermou winery is perfection in the making. The building contrasts perfectly with its green hilly surroundings. Now, much as its impressive on the outside, what wows visitors most is the interior.

When visiting here, you will be given a tour of the rooms where the wine is made and ages. It has got humongous barrels. And what is a visit to the winery if you don’t get to sample the various flavourful and romantic wines? If you are planning to visit the winery, be sure to call ahead and schedule the tour and tasting.

The Cyprus National Theatre

If you are looking for cultural entertainment then check out the upcoming performances. You could attend concerts, cultural events, plays, musicals… And the beauty is that the newer building hosts up to 550 people.