Top things to do in Larnaca

Being in Cyprus and not visiting Larnaca is something you should not even think of. There are so many things to do in Larnaca and so many places to visit that one or two days will not be sufficient to visit Larnaca. Cyprus in itself is a beautiful country and Larnaca adds to its beauty and attraction. Larnaca is known worldwide for its palm tree sea front. Apart from that the Church of Saint Lazarus and the medieval fort make it a must visit place. Larnaca is home to the International Airport of Cyprus thus if you are going to Cyprus by air you cannot avoid have a glimpse of this beautiful town within Cyprus. With so many things to do in Larnaca you are just going to love the place and fall in love with it.

Take a stroll on a pristine beach in Larnaca

Once you have arrived in Larnaca find a comfortable hotel for yourself. Apart from hotels there are numerous holiday apartments in larnaca. Settle yourself in the hotel or the holiday apartments in larnaca and take a drive to the beach promenade. The stroll on the beach will take away all your tiredness from the flight and relax you. Larnaca is known for its pristine coastal beauty, rich culture and food. While strolling you can have a view of the sparkling waters of Larnaca bay. A few Oceanside medieval forts will be visible to you while strolling. The construction of these forts began in the 12th century AD. Once you are relaxed and explore Larnaca further you can move out of the beach area and visit one of the markets in the vicinity to have a taste of the local food which is a highlight of Larnaca.

Visit the Agios Lazaros

This is one church you need to visit both for its aesthetics and for religious sentiments in case you are a believer. This is the church where Lazarus lived for 30 years after he rose from the dead and was ordained as the Bishop of Kition. Kition was what Lazaros was known as that time. When Lazarus died for good this is the church where he was buried. The church was built by Emperor Leo VI.

The church’s architecture is a marvel and one of its own kind in the whole world. People from all across the world come to see and check out the magnificence of the church. The church has four domes, over the nave and the support to the roof has been provided by four sets of double columns. A column has a silver icon from 1659 with a picture of St Lazarus.

Things to do in Larnaca – Larnaca Fort

fort in larnaca

The Laranca fort is one marvel you should not miss while being in Larnaca. This is where the main defense of line started for the people Larnaca started in 1625. This is one fort that comes from the Otterman era. During the British colonial period the fort was used as a prison. Larnaca’s small medieval museum is housed in Larnaca fort which displays a small collection of weaponry and old photographs. Getting an idea of how the fort must have been guarded in those times is possible once you come out of the museum.

Beaches in Larnaca are a must visit

The top priority among the things to do in Larnaca is the visit to beaches. Larnaca beaches are packed from May to September. People who like to socialize will find locals and international tourists mingling on these pristine beaches. The Finikoudes Beach is the one you are going to find on the promenade. Jam packed in peak holidays it is the place you need to be if you love to be with a lot of people. The Cape Kiti Beach 15 km south of Larnaca and Perivolia Beach one kilometer south of Cape Kiti Beach have a few secluded coves that can be visited to relax by people who love their privacy.

Adventure sports loves should not miss Larnaca

Larnaca is home to windsurfers from all across the world especially in autumn. Windsurfing classes, along with windsurfing for just experience and adventure whatever you are looking for as a tourist or as an adventurer will be catered by the numerous windsurfing agencies located in Larnaca. Equipment and facilities for all age groups are available in the city of Larnaca.

Seafood in Larnaca is the most awesome experience

After strolling all the beaches, visiting all the historical monuments and windsurfing a bit you are bound to feel hungry. Local food in Larnaca is something you need to try. Although one is surely going to find a lot of continental and intercontinental restaurants in Larnaca but the identical lined seafood restruants catering the local cuisine should be a high priority in the things to do in larnaca list. Many staple dishes of Laranca involve beans like fasolaki which is French beans cooked in red wine with lamb.