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What is the best suburban area to reside in for a new arrival to Cyprus

What is a suburban area that you can reside in Cyprus if you are a new resident?

There are several options for newbies. And suburbs are great because provide the best employment and educational options for the new resident. So before making the decision about where you will live you need to consider proximity to these facilities.

Great suburbs in Cyprus

There are various places to live. Some of the best locations are in Limassol, Larnaca, Nicosia. Suburbs are great as they offer one the quite and peace suitable for residential places. Plus most suburban areas are 5 to 10 minutes away from the city.

1. What is a suburban area in Larnaca?

house overlooking seaFor new residents who have come from other countries, one place to consider is Oroklini. This place has become very popular especially for the English speaking people. So as a foreigner, you are going to fit in well with the people here.

One great advantage is the proximity to the sea and the city. So whenever you feel like unwinding, you can head over and have a walk at those great blue flag beaches. This place will give you the tranquility you wish for.

2. Limassol

houses in cyprusThe suburbs here are mostly on the hills. So you can imagine the great view overlooking the sea. The suburban areas here are very peaceful and quiet. Most aren’t so near the sea. However, if you are a person that enjoys their privacy, then head on here.

3. Nicosia

Nicosia is one of the most central cities. Plus it is very contemporary with embassies, headquarters of major companies and international companies. So if you want to live near your workplaces, then get a suburb here. It is a very contemporary city.

Hope that information gives you an idea of what is a suburban area that will be perfect for you.