cape greco in cyprus

What’s living in Cyprus really like

The third largest island in the Mediterranean Cyprus is the most sought after place to live. Not only among the people in the vicinity it is one place that has been high on the global platform. Beaches running for miles, ruins one can wander endlessly and the food make Cyprus one of the best places to stay on the planet.

Living in Cyprus means you are living in warm weather

Winters and cold weather is something many people hate since it takes a toll on the health and pockets in form of energy bills. Cyprus is one place where summers last for seven months and this country experiences 340 days of sunshine on an average. Although the summer sun is quite powerful still it can be beat with ample of sunscreen and sunglasses. Spring time is the most pleasant time in Cyprus which makes living in Cyprus all the more enjoyable since temperature comes down to a 25 degree Celsius. It is possible in Cyprus to go skiing and take a dip in the ocean on a single day.

One of the safest countries makes living Cyprus an awesome experience

The safety of an individual and family is prime for everyone. Although earlier Cyprus was plagued by the constant fighting between the Greeks and Turks since both nations had been claiming their right over this island still Cyprus is considered as the safest place on earth. Cyprus in itself has a very low crime rate.

Healthcare standards are high as compared to other nations

healthcare in cyprus

Healthcare standards in Cyprus are at par with the international standards. People are free to choose between public and private healthcare. Cyprus has an excellent National Healthcare system that delivers healthcare services at the point of delivery for everyone. Although major surgeries or major treatments especially for expats are carried out outside Cyprus because of their personal preferences.

Pace of life while living in Cyprus can be adjusted

People can choose to live life according to their own pace. If someone loves a fast life he can live accordingly and if someone wants a slow and relaxed life then Cyprus is the place to stay. The first phrase you are going to hear after arriving in Cyrpus is “Siga Siga” which means go slow. After leading life in the fast and furious lane people generally find Cyprus cool and calming with the serne ambience and the lifestyle it has to offer for individuals. The connectivity and ease of transportation makes it one of the most sought after place on the planet.

Real Estate incentives and tax breaks

The major draw for international luxury homeowners is the multiple incentives from the government that are offered; this includes tax breaks, title deeds at half price and a prospect of getting the EU passport. The prices of real estate haven’t seen a considerable change in the past few years. The incentives being offered may become a permanent feature to draw more investors around the globe. If one spends 183 days in the country then he becomes eligible to become a tax resident. Owing to all the above factors Cyprus has become one of most sought after destinations in the world. Living in Cyprus means you are in paradise.