Wildlife Boardwalk Near Katy Mills Mall

According to Impact News, the city of Katy is making a major expansion. With funds contributed by the Katy Mills Mall revenue, the city is seriously considering constructing a wildlife boardwalk. The wildlife boardwalk is estimated to cost 1.3 million dollars. This undertaking will give the Katy citizens front row view of the area’s wildlife such as, alligators, ducks, and turtles. Alligator Program director for Texas Parks, Amos Cooper, does not believe that the citizens of the surrounding area will have any trouble with the alligators as long as they are not fed. It is preferable, as long as they aren’t being nuisance, to keep all animals in the habitats they are accustomed to.

The wildlife boardwalk could very well be step 1 in a Katy Mills expansion.  Katy Mayor Fabol Hughes hopes to add a convention center, that features a hotel, to the area as well. Hughes bases this decision for expansion on a study done in 2011. It is hoped that construction of both the wildlife boardwalk and the convention center will steer Katy to economic growth. League City, identical to Katy in many aspects, has had great success with a similar plan.